Dazzling LED panels are overhead at Academy LA

Academy LA

Buzzy days and electric nights. EDM fans will get their fill at Academy LA. Situated on Hollywood Boulevard, the venue is known for hosting energetic events in their indoor/outdoor space. From world-renowned DJs to up-and-coming artists, performances at Academy always impress. The spacious, indoor club venue features eye-catching light shows. The Patio out back is a solid destination for seeing a show on a warm, summer day in LA. No matter which area you visit, you’re definitely going to get a quality performance in a space built for dancing.

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Academy LA Details:

🍔 Food:
There’s no food served in the building, but certain events may have a food truck on the outdoor patio. There’s also bound to be handy dandy LA Dog carts outside on your way out.

🍸 Drinks:
It’s very much a nightclub drink menu, nothing fancy. Drinks are on the expensive side even for basics. There’s a beer selection though as a cheaper alternative.

🎶 Music:
Academy LA is pretty much a haven for EDM and dance music. Most artists fall within that genre, but every once in a while you might find a hip hop artist or events. Check out the calendar on their site to know the schedule before you go.

It’s more of a concert venue style than a traditional LA nightclub. Each night (or daytime Patio event) is ticketed with pricing depending on the artists playing. The indoor space has a pretty impressive lighting setup for visuals. It also doesn’t get ridiculously hot like other EDM venues can. The tropical-themed Patio is the perfect escape for fresh air or for attending weekend daytime events. Academy LA also closes at 3am–an hour later than most nightlife spots.

📸 Photo Ops:
It’s impossible not to take video of the one-of-a-kind curved LED ceiling panels.

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Academy LA Info:

📍 Address:
6021 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Fri-Sat: 10pm-3am

📱 Contact:


  • Quality lineup of DJs
  • Impressive LED lighting
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Bar lounge to escape the crowd


  • Expensive drinks and parking
  • Can get packed for popular performers
  • Security is really strict
  • Cashless venue, cards or digital pay only
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