Salmon nigiri from an All You Can Eat sushi restaurant

The 11 Best Places for All You Can Eat Sushi in Los Angeles

All You Can Eat sushi is an essential experience for any seafood lover. There’s no better feeling than stuffing your face with as many rolls as possible to get your money’s worth (even if it puts you into a regret-filled food coma shortly after).

If you’re new to the AYCE game, it’s super important that you know the rules–you can’t share with non-AYCE diners, you have to eat all the rice, and extra pieces leftover come with a fee per piece. Sounds dramatic, but most restaurants are pretty strict. Don’t let your eyes get too big for your stomach because your stomach will have to make room or pay for its sins.

Buckle Up for a Sushi Buffet

Not every Japanese restaurant offers this coveted special however, so finding the right spot to grub to your heart’s content may take a little research. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

These sushi restaurants are some of the best for indulging in unlimited sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi and hand rolls. Dive into a fresh seafood oasis at our top picks for the best All You Can Eat sushi in Los Angeles. 🍣

Note: Prices are updated as of publication but are subject to change.

Here Fishy Fishy

Locals know that Here Fishy Fishy is one of the top choices for AYCE in Los Angeles. They’re located in Koreatown on the corner of Western and Wilshire (not to be confused with their former location on Western and 5th). Lunch isn’t available on weekends or holidays, and Late Night Dinner is only available Tues-Thursday. Outside of that, you’ll have to order their All Day pricing and all seatings are 90 minutes… start the clock!

Lunch (11:30am-3pm): $38.99
All Day: $49.99
Late Night Dinner (10pm-1am): $38.99

Hello Fish

The Koreatown spot Hello Fish popped up in the aforementioned restaurant’s previous location, just to make things nice and confusing. Nevertheless, the food is delicious and they also offer a great selection of sushi (sashimi isn’t included). You’ve also got 90 minutes here to make the most of your buffet, even if it extends into the wee hours of the morning.

Lunch (12pm-3pm): $38.50
Dinner (3pm-1:30am): $48.50

The Sushi by Jin

You could easily drive right past this strip mall spot without knowing it serves up some of the best sushi in the Valley. The Sushi by Jin in North Hollywood has an All You Can Eat dinner special with plenty of roll options, including rice-free rolls which are a great perk to maximize your precious stomach space. Their parking is horrible though, so be prepared to find a spot down the block and walk.

Dinner (4pm-Close): $38

All You Can Eat Sushi & BBQ

When you search for “AYCE sushi in Los Angeles” there’s a good chance this will be the first spot that pops up. All You Can Eat Sushi & BBQ in Koreatown has got one of the most affordable dinner options and a longer dining time, with a 2-hr limit for your experience. They don’t include sashimi and also have an up-charge for eating alone, so bring your Tinder date to save $4.

2+ Diners: $23.95
Single Diner: $27.95


ShaBuShi, which of course is a combination of ‘shabu shabu’ and ‘sushi,’ is a great spot for an endless meal in East Hollywood. While the sushi and sashimi menus are limited compared to some other sushi restaurants, you’ll get unlimited shabu shabu, which more than makes up for it. They have three different levels of dinner buffet shabu sets available at three different price points, which makes it easy to dig in on any budget.

Lunch: $28
Dinner/Weekend: $28, $35, $50


Midori has been a classic All You Can Eat sushi destination in the Valley for years. They’ve been serving up fresh cuts of fish to hungry seafood lovers since 2000. You can enjoy their AYCE menus at both their Sherman Oaks and Encino locations for a 90-minute experience. They limit you to 5 orders per person, per round, and you have to finish eating each round before ordering another. You can order sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, and even carpaccio for that extra razzle dazzle.

Lunch (12pm-2:30pm): $35.99
Dinner (5pm-10pm): $45.99

Lunch (12pm-2:30pm): $35.99
Dinner (5pm-10:30pm): $45.99

Lunch (12pm-2:30pm): $45.99
Dinner (5pm-10:30pm): $45.99

All Day (2pm-9pm): $45.99

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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar is a nationwide operation with Los Angeles destinations in Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Sawtelle, and Sherman Oaks. Now they don’t technically have an All You Can Eat special, but hear me out. Small plates revolve around the restaurant on a conveyor belt allowing you pick and choose what suits your palate. It’s not a buffet, but each plate is only $3.70. Once you get into the 8-10 plate range, you’re probably going to be full and it’ll cost just as much as a traditional AYCE experience!

Sushi Ippo

This Koreatown spot is worth visiting for just two words–sushi boat. If you order enough from the AYCE menu, it gets delivered in a small wooden sushi boat that’s simply too amazing to skip out on. Sushi Ippo gives you 90 minutes for your meal and they offer a premium menu that includes a few extra high-quality fish options.

Weekday Lunch (Open-3pm): $35.99
Weekday Dinner (3pm-Close): $43.99
Friday Night / Weekend / Holiday (All Day): $46.99
Ippo Premium (All Day): $49.99

Nonstop Sushi & Sake Bar

The aptly named Nonstop Sushi & Sake Bar lets you literally have a meal that never ends. They have locations in Santa Monica and Marina del Rey, but you’ll only find the AYCE menu in Santa Monica. The price tag is a bit hefty compared to other restaurants, but you’ll find high quality rolls, nigiri, and sashimi in a casual locale just a few blocks from the ocean.

All Day: $53.95

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Zeppin Sushi

One of the most affordable places to get All You Can Eat sushi in Los Angeles, Zeppin Sushi in Encino is a must-try. You get 2 hours to shove your face with sushi from their large selection of menu options. Dig in on cut rolls, sashimi, salads, and more from this charming neighborhood eatery.

Lunch: $26.99
Dinner: $29.99

AYCE Sushi is the Way to Go

So there you have it. You’ve got plenty of options for All You Can Eat sushi places in Los Angeles to grub on fresh fish with no end in sight. Just make sure you follow all the rules, don’t fill up too much on water or sake, and definitely prepare for a food coma that will have you knocked out for hours to come. Bon appetit!

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