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The Best Hollywood Clubs & Bars for Dancing in Los Angeles

If you’re visiting Los Angeles to experience a bit of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, you’re not alone. LA is globally known for its nightlife scene that’s often portrayed as a mix of luxurious spaces, beautiful partygoers, and raucous nights of fun.

While its on screen portrayal may include a dash of movie magic, Hollywood is in fact one of the most popular neighborhoods for nightlife in the City of Angels. Hollywood clubs and bars alike are great for finding a dancefloor to live it up under flashing lights and a disco ball. Take a look at our top picks for the best Hollywood nightclubs, bars, and events where you can dance the night away during your night on the town in Los Angeles.

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Bar Lis

This buzzworthy spot is one of the trendiest bars in Hollywood, and you’ll know it once you see the super long line out front. So why is Bar Lis such a big draw for clubgoers? Maybe because it combines the best of both worlds–a chill bar space and outdoor patio mixed with a dancefloor surrounded by bottle service tables. You’ll also get a solid view of the city from this busy rooftop bar in Los Angeles.

The Highlight Room

You’ll take the elevator up to the top floor of the Dream Hollywood hotel to reach The Highlight Room, a rooftop nightclub with panoramic views of the city. In the summertime the space centers a swimming pool, and there are often day parties to take advantage of Los Angeles’ perfect pool party weather. By night, the space houses bottle service tables, an indoor lounge, and a DJ playing hip hop and dance music.

Desert 5 Spot

Any country fans out there will appreciate the vibe at Desert 5 Spot. This rooftop bar in Hollywood sits at the top of the tommie Hollywood hotel and has a desert cowboy theme that’s hard to resist. Patrons are known to show up in Western-inspired gear to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere. Live music is a known occurrence in the lounge where the dance floor gets filled pretty quickly after the cocktails hit.

Dirty Laundry

If you’re into a grittier nightlife vibe, Dirty Laundry has a dive bar feel while still being a trendy hangout. Descend into the basement to find a full bar, booth seating, and a live DJ playing dance, house, hip hop, and experimental tracks. The room in back may also have a second DJ with even more space to dance under a disco ball.


One of the best Hollywood clubs is Warwick, an elegant and open space on Sunset Boulevard. This more exclusive hot spot is known for its glamorous warehouse feel. You’ll find neon lights overhead with velvet sofas, draped curtains, and a crowd of trendsetters. The expansive layout lends itself to mixing and mingling at bottle service tables and at the bar. There’s also room to cut it up on the small dancefloor up front if the DJ plays your jam.

No Vacancy

This classic Hollywood speakeasy is a favorite for those who need a touch of theater in their lives. The prohibition-themed bar is a vintage space to party, renovated from being an Old Hollywood schoolhouse. Weekends at No Vacancy can get busy as it’s one of the top places to visit for dancing on the outdoor patio or inside the “living room” next to the DJ.

Studio 71 Bar

This hidden gem bar is located on the bottom floor of Grandmaster Recorders restaurant. Enter to find a cozy bar connected to a spacious dancefloor and a substantial sized disco ball to set the tone. Studio 71 Bar has a variety of rotating events, so make sure to check beforehand to see what’s going on the night you come in.

Madame Siam

Madame Siam is a whimsical, circus-themed bar that’s known for its live music events. You’ll find a full dancefloor at this underground locale (right next door to Dirty Laundry). They have a rotating lineup of events that range in genre from punk rock to deep house to disco. Take a look at their Instagram to see what’s good for the night you want to go.

Adults Only

While the name of this Hollywood bar might sound a little sultry, there’s more than meets the eye. The speakeasy entrance through an adult video store leads to a spacious back room with a bar, DJ and dancefloor. Adults Only is a great place to mingle with LA locals while enjoying the playlist of hip hop and top 40 music.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

One of the most popular Hollywood bars, Good Times at Dave Wayne’s has solidified its place as an essential Los Angeles nightlife visit. The speakeasy bar is known to have a line down the street for people to experience the vintage, 70s-themed venue. There’s a solid crowd any day of the week (a great place to spend a Monday night), and guests are known to dance their heart out to the playlist of 1970s jams.

Academy LA

Academy LA is one of the handful of Hollywood clubs with an EDM focus. They’ve got a new DJ every night with big-name acts regularly stopping by to entertain the crowd. The space is pretty big and takes on more of a performance-venue style with a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. You’ll find plenty of dancing on the huge dancefloor as you witness some of the world’s best DJs take the stage.

La Descarga

Salsa dancers from all over Los Angeles flock to La Descarga each weekend for a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience. The speakeasy bar on the edge of Hollywood and East Hollywood is themed to take on the atmosphere of 1960s Havana. You’ll find rum cocktails, salsa music, and of course, cigars. Get your salsa on in the front room or head to the cigar room in back for a dancefloor with a DJ mixing Latin dance music all night.

Sound Nightclub

Music lovers will appreciate a night out at Sound Nightclub, a Hollywood club with a variety of events that come through to get crowds moving. The concert-style venue features a music lineup of EDM, dance, hip hop, reggaetón, and more. Sound is also one of the few places in LA often open until 4am (though alcohol still ends at 2am), making it easy to extend your night into the wee hours of the morning.


Boardners is a chill, historic Hollywood bar that’s been a neighborhood favorite since 1927. However, their connected outdoor patio is where all the excitement happens. They’re known to hold a number of events that include throwback nights, goth night, and even themed movie and TV show dance parties. You’re destined to meet someone unique at this eclectic spot off Hollywood Boulevard.

Avalon Hollywood

What was once a theater that featured performances by Old Hollywood royalty like Judy Garland and Bing Crosby, is now Los Angeles nightlife spot Avalon. This theater-style Hollywood club is home to a variety of happenings throughout the week. They host all sorts of events and performances with genres like indie dance, reggaeton, emo, and EDM. The spacious venue is great for dancing in the center of Tinseltown.

Station 1640

This Hollywood nightlife spot is a great destination for dancing thanks to its daily events that draw in a fun, local crowd. Station 1640‘s variety of event genres include hip hop karaoke, techno, afrobeats, drum and bass, and even stand up comedy if that’s more your vibe. Undoubtedly, you’ll find live music and plenty of space on the dancefloor at this revelrous Hollywood bar.

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