Cassette tapes line the walls at Break Room 86 in Los Angeles

Break Room 86

This iconic speakeasy bar in the heart of Koreatown offers vintage vibes and unique entertainment. The secretive entrance through The Line LA will lead you to an unexpected party oriented in all things ’80s. Cocktails are inventive, the B-Boy dance entertainment is one-of-a-kind, and the detailed design makes for an eye-catching backdrop no matter where you look. Karaoke rooms, vintage arcade games, and boozy, ice cream treats are just a few added touches to this beloved bar. Get ready to hear a DJ play all your favorite old school hits at Break Room 86.

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Break Room 86 Details:

🍔 Food:
No food per se, but the ice cream truck out back sells alcohol-infused ice cream (a gift from God). They won’t get you tipsy, but definitely worth a taste.

🍸 Drinks:
You wouldn’t think a bar this busy would have quality cocktails, but they’re surprisingly satisfying. The rotating menu of colorful concoctions are usually strong and decently priced for LA. But expect a long wait to order on weekend nights.

🎶 Music:
You’ll hear ’80s music all the way at Break Room 86. Occasionally the DJ will mix in ’90s hits (which feels blasphemous!), but that’s as far into the future as they’ll get. Of course if you make a reservation for bottle service in the karaoke rooms, you can sing out loud to whatever era you want.

The attention to detail in the design is one reason why this place is so successful. The entire room feels like an art installation with cassette tapes lining the walls, TV monitors flashing vintage videos, and of course the infamous retractable bar turned stage. They sometimes pack people in on weekends to the point of it being hard to move, but otherwise the vibes are great. Live dance performances on the hour also keep the night fun. And can’t forget the speakeasy entrance giving the experience an added touch!

📸 Photo Ops:
This entire bar is one big Kodak moment. The phone booth is a go-to, and the cassette wall is also iconic. If you’re lucky, the Michael Jackson impersonator will show up and take an eerily-believable photo with you.

🏆 Promotion:
If you want a premium night out that includes skipping the line, drink tickets, and a shared table with some friendly bar patrons, buy a ticket for Break Room 86 on Tableful. Use code “LALA5” for 5% off!

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Break Room 86 Info:

📍 Address:
630 S. Ardmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Tues-Sat: 9pm-2am

📱 Contact:


  • Amazing interior design
  • Cool speakeasy entrance
  • Impressive live entertainment
  • Innovative cocktails that taste great


  • Can be hard to get in
  • Gets packed on weekends
  • Karaoke rooms require bottle service
  • Long wait for ordering drinks