Clifton's Republic in Downtown Los Angeles is a unique vintage bar

Clifton’s Republic

Clifton’s Republic is temporarily closed as of June 29th, 2023. It is expected to re-open summer 2024.

A whimsical adventure in DTLA. If you’ve never been to Clifton’s Republic before, I can guarantee you’ll never go to another place like it. Since 1931, Clifton’s has been a go-to destination for food, drinks, and entertainment, and has continued its reign in Downtown Los Angeles. This multi-level venue offers five different spaces to experience: Tree Tops, Pacific Seas, Gothic Bar, Brookdale Ballroom, and The Monarch. Each has their own distinct flavor of revelry ranging from Pacific Seas’ tiki theme to Brookdale Ballroom’s jazzy dance floor. While they do have a cover charge (uncommon for a majority of bars in LA), the variety of spaces gives the feel of a nightlife amusement park. Gather your friends and get ready to explore this unique, vintage spot Downtown.

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Clifoton’s Republic Details:

🍔 Food:
Locals may classically know the venue as “Clifton’s Cafeteria,” but these days there’s only a limited food menu. Check with a server or bartender to see what’s available at the time you’re there. (Tacos 1986 nearby is open until 2am on weekends–a solid alternative.)

🍸 Drinks:
Each area of the venue has its own drink menu. At the speakeasy Pacific Seas, you’ll find classic tiki drinks. The Brookdale Ballroom has a small bar with a few simple options like a Moscow Mule or Champagne. The other bars are standard and will serve up whatever your heart desires. Drinks are in the $17+ range but you’ll get a heavy pour.

🎶 Music:
There are few places in Los Angeles where you’ll find three DJs playing three different types of music in one night. Pacific Seas plays a range of dancey jams while Brookdale Ballroom is all jazz. They even have a live band with plenty of space on the dancefloor. There’s also a dancefloor on the ground level where the main DJ plays hip hop, reggaetón, pop, and EDM–a little bit of everything.

The vibes at Clifton’s are like a giant, kitschy New Year’s Eve party held on any random weekend. The historic property is truly one-of-a-kind. You’ll find taxidermy animals throughout the log cabin-themed building, as well as faux greenery and quirky, vintage décor. (Walt Disney is said to have been inspired by the theatrical design in his plans for Disneyland.) The crowd comes ready to mix and mingle, subbing typical LA pretension for authentic friendliness.

📸 Photo Ops:
The entire behemoth of a building is one big photo op. Explore each nook and cranny because there’s plenty to discover. Especially the moderately creepy room with a wilderness diorama hidden somewhere off the stairs in the front room…

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Clifton’s Republic Info:

📍 Address:
648 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014

⌚ Hours:
Thurs-Sat: 8pm-2am

📱 Contact:


  • Unique, kitschy design
  • A variety of spaces
  • Multiple dancefloors and music genres
  • Friendly crowd


  • $20 cover charge (card only and make sure to remove tip)
  • Drinks can get pricey
  • Long lines to order
  • Easy to lose friends
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