Lights and crowds at the best bars for dancing in Los Angeles

The Best Bars for Dancing in Los Angeles

Sometimes you just need a dancefloor. And when you’re in Los Angeles, a city notorious for its party culture, there are plenty of options for where to cut a rug. But what if nightclubs aren’t really your vibe? No problem! You’re actually much more likely to find a bustling dancefloor at a bar than a nightclub these days.

If you’re looking for an updated list of the best Los Angeles bars where you can dance, look no further. Tie up your dancing shoes and get ready for an exciting night out in the City of Angels.

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No Vacancy

No Vacancy is a Hollywood hot spot known for its theatrical speakeasy entrance, burlesque shows, and expansive outdoor patio. The door can be tough on weekends, but once you’re inside you’ll find that there’s plenty of space for dancing with a soundtrack of pop, hip hop, and throwback favorites.

Bar Lis

This rooftop bar in Hollywood has become a go-to destination as one of the best bars for dancing in Los Angeles. Arrive early to avoid the line outside and take the elevator up to the roof of the Thompson Hollywood hotel. Bar Lis has a beautiful, garden-esque bar area and lounge complete with the three Ds–DJ, disco ball, and a dancefloor. What more could you possibly need?

The Friend

One of Silver Lake’s best bars for dancing, The Friend is a must-visit for those who enjoy a quirky night on the Eastside. Local DJs come through to spin a variety of music styles and patrons are known for being fun and welcoming. The disco ball, pinball machine, and colorful exterior add the cherry on top of this local favorite.

Dirty Laundry

Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood’s favorite bar hop along Hudson Avenue (Black Rabbit Rose, Madame Siam, and No Vacancy of course), Dirty Laundry is the trendy dive bar you didn’t know you needed. DJs play a mix of hip hop, electronic, and experimental sounds. There’s plenty of space to dance in this subterranean, multi-room destination.

The Virgil

One of the best bars in Silver Lake, The Virgil is a solid choice for anyone looking to dance in Los Angeles. The 1920s theme delivers vintage vibes while local DJs come in to play hip hop, pop, disco, funk, reggaetón, and more in front of the spacious dancefloor.


This Hollywood watering hole goes way back to 1942 and is still kickin’ with one of the best happy hours in Los Angeles. Cheap drinks aside, you can also dance your heart out at Boardner’s connected patio space with unique themed nights for throwback (Club Decades), goth, and emo music lovers.

Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

One of the most well-known speakeasy bars for dancing in Los Angeles, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s always promises, well, a good time. The Hollywood locale is themed like a 1970s living room house party complete with a shuffleboard table, backyard trailer, and committed soundtrack of vintage hits. After the clock strikes midnight, the dancefloor tends to get packed with patrons embracing their best ‘70s selves.

Sunset at EDITION

This unique space underneath The West Hollywood EDITION is one-of-a-kind thanks to its bar/lounge/nightclub hybrid style. There aren’t many places where you can find a pool table, open seating, and a dancefloor in the same room. The unforgettably eye-catching ceiling of disco balls at Sunset at EDITION will hover above you as you dance the night away to electronic, hip hop, and house DJs.

Johnny’s West Adams

You may know South LA’s Johnny’s as a pastrami shop, but their connected bar is a surprisingly good choice for a Saturday night outing. The elevated space has plenty of room for dancing with DJs coming in each weekend to fill the room with lively patrons.

The Little Friend

On the border of Venice and Marina del Rey you’ll find The Little Friend (owned by the same people as the aforementioned bar The Friend, of course). This spot sits tucked in the back of tiki cocktail bar Gin Rummy. The Little Friend offers a lightly French theme and spacious dancefloor with a quintessential disco ball overhead.

La Descarga

If you’d like your night to be slightly sophisticated but 100% memorable, La Descarga is for you. This Cuban bar in East Hollywood boasts a speakeasy entrance along with live music, burlesque dancers, and a DJ and dancefloor in their cigar room. Not to mention delicious rum drinks, free salsa lessons, and cigars for sale–truly a night to remember.


If there’s anywhere you’re going to “end up” at the end of a West Hollywood bar hop, it’s Harlowe. The place may seem laidback and date night-y during early evenings, but soon turns into a raucous party by night. You can even order bottle service, which makes for an unlikely scene in the setting of a 1930s, vintage social club.

Bar Lubitsch

Did you know there was a Russian District in Los Angeles? Well, you’ll definitely be convinced after visiting West Hollywood drinkery Bar Lubitsch. The Russian-themed space offers more than 200 selections of vodka and has regular events like comedy shows and live music. Most importantly, their back room transforms into a perfectly messy dancefloor on weekends.

The Short Stop

The Short Stop is a Los Angeles bar scene classic in Echo Park. It’s an essential, post-Dodger game nightcap destination thanks to its dive bar vibes and unmatched dancefloor. Local DJs come in each night to provide a soundtrack that ranges from disco to Motown to reggaetón. You probably won’t find a more down-to-earth crowd in LA, so get ready to make friends.

The Queensberry

If you’re looking for one of the best bars for dancing in Los Angeles, The Queensberry will be a Downtown go-to. The back alley entrance leads to a vibrant, light up dancefloor with an array of sparkling disco balls overhead. There’s also lounge seating to catch your breath after a euphoric bout of dancing to the DJ’s disco, throwback, and R&B playlists.

The Victorian

Where else can you find a multi-level nightlife playground on The Westside? The Victorian in Santa Monica is an ideal bar for dancing with three levels of revelry and a packed house of partygoers. The bottom floor has a nightclub feel with bottle service and EDM/dance DJs. The ground floor plays a mix of sounds with plenty of space to dance (and you can take a breather on the patio). The top floor is yet another party with a 3rd DJ and even more energy. If you want to have a house party without the cleanup, The Victorian is the move.

Guests dancing at The Victorian in Santa Monica
Courtesy of The Victorian

Lock & Key

This classic bar for dancing in Koreatown always has solid DJs spinning hip hop bangers. The speakeasy spot has a great crowd that gets down in their outdoor patio space. The line at Lock & Key can get long so arrive early and prepare for a cover on busier nights.


Who needs a club when you can party at one of the oldest bars in Los Angeles? Townhouse in Venice used to be a prohibition hideaway and stands today as a great place to mix and mingle with Westside locals. The top floor is more of a laid back vibe with a pool table, but the basement floor turns into an underground dance party each weekend. You’ll need to pay a $10 cover to head below but it’ll be worth it for the guaranteed night of fun.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Head to Koreatown for this speakeasy spot known for its iconic light-up dancefloor. If you’re a fan of disco, you’ll be in the right place. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang plays plenty of new and throwback hits to keep the crowd dancing all night long.

Club Tee Gee

If you’re looking for a place to dance on the Eastside, Club Tee Gee is an essential. This decades-old Atwater Village hot spot has a dancefloor perfect for letting loose under a disco ball. They also have a cozy bar with booths that are great for date night, and a patio that’s perfect for a group meetup.

The Chapel

The Abbey is a legendary LGBTQ+ bar in West Hollywood, and its sister bar The Chapel is also an iconic place for a night of dancing. The spacious dancefloor means no need to rub up against strangers, and the scantily clad male dancers are also a nice touch. Whether you stop by on hip hop night or Top 40 night, you’re sure to have a memorable evening of thrills.

The Brig

Locals know that The Brig is one of the best bars for dancing in Venice. Start the night with drinks on the expansive outdoor patio. Once the alcohol inevitably hits, head inside to the dancefloor. You’ll find a crowd of easygoing and friendly patrons ready to hype up whoever’s the current star of the dance circle.

Winston House

Just across the street from Townhouse, Winston House is a spot where music lovers can feel right at home. They charge a cover for many of their events, but that’s because they have a schedule of live music every day of the week. On weekends you’ll find a wall-to-wall crowd of Westsiders who take to the dancefloor when the DJ comes on after 10pm. You can also upgrade with bottle service to make the most of your night out in Los Angeles.

A bird's eye view from the lounge at Winston House
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