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Where to Find Non-Alcoholic Mocktails in Los Angeles

When it comes to a city like Los Angeles, where Sunday Funday bottomless mimosas reign supreme, choosing to pass on alcohol requires a solid amount of determination. Luckily, the sober and sober-curious lifestyle has become pretty trendy in recent years as more people begin to realize that repeatedly poisoning yourself for fun can take its toll. Who knew?

Many Los Angeles bars and restaurants have responded with open arms by including a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails on their beverage menus. These handcrafted soft drinks aren’t “just juice,” but in fact require plenty of tender love and care, bringing together a range of flavors to be sipped and savored for the sake of it.

The Best Non-Alcoholic Bars in Los Angeles

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to a non-alcoholic, zero proof, no ABV, mocktail-filled night on the town (whether it’s dry January or not). From restaurants, to bars, to lounges, you’ll have no problem securing a tasty drink at these hot spots serving mocktails in Los Angeles.

For the purpose of this list, we’ve only included venues that have a minimum of four mocktails or zero proof beverages on their drink menu. And don’t worry, we’re not counting coffee or soda as a mocktail. That would be unhinged.

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1. Bar Nuda

This Abbot Kinney pop-up bar is an essential for mocktail lovers, being that it’s an entire menu of zero proof drinks. That’s right, a bar with not a drop of alcohol to be found. Bar Nuda’s events are currently at the beautiful, plant-forward restaurant De Buena Planta in Venice, which sets the tone for a healthy night out.

2. Big Bar

Located inside of Alcove Café in Los Feliz, Big Bar is known to have one of the best bar programs in the city. They’ve got four non-alcoholic selections on their menu at the moment, ranging from spicy to fruity to citrusy. With a lead bartender who’s sober herself, you know you’re going to get a thoughtful flavor profile here.

3. Lemon Grove

Lemon Grove at the top of The Aster Social Club in Hollywood might possibly be the only restaurant in the city that has more mocktails than cocktails. They have a zero proof drink menu with seven options for you to choose from. With names like “Casablanca” and “Some Like it Hot,” you know you’ll get the full Hollywood experience even without the drunken nights.

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4. Beauty & Essex

The “Virgin” menu at Beauty & Essex offers up the opportunity for non-drinkers to try a whole new type of buzz. Their mocktail menu includes three Kin Euphorics options–Bella Hadid’s beverage brand that promises an all-natural high from their zero proof concoctions. (Yes, I’ve tried them and yes, they do in fact make you feel slightly more tingly than your normal self). 

5. Belles Beach House

Belles Beach House in Venice might just be a sober dream, with a total of nine no-ABV choices on their menu. Their Hawaiian-Japanese cuisine can easily be accompanied by a zero proof spritz like the Thai Basil Lime or Carrot Lemon Turmeric. I mean, they’re only $9–might as well try them all.

6. Olivetta

The range of soft spirits at Olivetta on Melrose Ave. will have you drinking like a Dry January king. They’ve got familiar tastes like “Cucumber + Mint” but also offer richer flavors like “Passionfruit + Salted Plum.” You’ll also get a chance to try an Italian spritz made with Lyre’s, a zero proof spirit company. There’s truly no wrong choice with seven options on the menu at this ideal date night spot in West Hollywood.

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7. Kato

If you’re looking to have an especially memorable night out, Kato in Brentwood will upgrade your sober dining experience to the next level. This Michelin-starred tasting menu restaurant offers an Alcohol-Free Flight that pairs perfectly with each dish. It includes a curated selection of nine no-ABV mocktails and dealcoholized wines. I’m not going to pretend like I knew that existed before this very moment, but it does, and they’ve got it.

8. Death & Co.

Cocktail enthusiasts know Death & Co. Los Angeles well, but mocktail enthusiasts will also appreciate their selection of handcrafted, non-alcoholic concoctions. The seasonal menu of six zero proof drinks includes a few made with Ritual, an alcohol alternative brand based in Culver City. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy a buzz-free drink in Downtown LA by adding Death & Co. to the itinerary.

9. APB

This restaurant on Melrose Ave. isn’t just a go-to for vegan sushi. You can also find a menu of “Dry Libations” crafted by LA cocktail guru Julian Cox. It takes a true expert to make a zero proof, vegan egg white cocktail taste delicious, and APB has it down with their “Ramos Fizz.” Your West Hollywood mocktail journey will truly be complete.

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10. Asterid

This Downtown LA darling is a favorite of the Walt Disney Concert Hall crowd, but there’s plenty more to like. Asterid’s diverse, Zero Proof menu has a little something for everyone. A non-alcoholic spritz? Check. A 0% sparkling wine? Check. Their Pilsner only comes in as low-ABV with 0.5%, but we’ll forgive them. The other five options are sober-friendly and pair great with the mouth-watering food menu by Chef Ray Garcia.

11. Laurel Hardware

Laurel Hardware on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood is a solid spot for mocktails in Los Angeles. This neighborhood favorite restaurant has a signature cocktail menu with five selections available that can be made non-alcoholic. They make catering to a sober crowd look easy and taste delectable, with standouts like the fruity “Sakura Fizz” and the spicy “Queensland Culprit.”

12. The Corner Door

Brought to you by the owners of West Hollywood’s Melrose Umbrella Co., The Corner Door in Culver City is known for their thoughtfully crafted cocktails. Their non-alcoholic cocktail menu includes six options such as the “Portland Pick-Me Up,” made with hemp-based Pathfinder and espresso.

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13. Wurstküche

While they may be known for their beer and exotic sausage (and impossible to pronounce name), Wurstküche in DTLA and Venice is also a great place to go with a mixed group of drinkers and non-drinkers. While mocktails may not be their vibe, they do carry 18 different soft beverages like Fentimens Victorian Lemonade, Manhattan Special Sarsparilla Soda, Reeds Apple Spiced Brew, and lots more.

14. STAY. Zero Proof

This new mocktail lounge in Chinatown is a sober living dream. STAY. Zero Proof has a full menu of signature drinks, wine, and beer that are all completely alcohol-free. While the prices are the same as you would find at a regular bar (and on the high-end at that), the unique venue is worth visiting as a one-of-a-kind experience created specifically for sober patrons.

15. Cecconi’s

This classic West Hollywood restaurant isn’t just good for a decadent Italian dining experience. You can also stop by the Cecconi’s bar to try their five six zero proof cocktail and wine options. The “Phony Negroni” is aptly-named for its resemblance to the real thing, and the “Grapefruit Spritz” is a refreshing option for fans of citrus.

16. PleasureMed

A unique addition to the Los Angeles restaurant scene, PleasureMed has entered with a bang thanks to its menu of cannabis-infused food. For those who are “California sober,” and prefer grass over alcohol, you’ll be happy to know they’ve got a solid menu of non-alcoholic options. The four craft mocktails are affordable ($10 as of publication) and made with fresh ingredients to complement your transformative meal.

Zero Proof Spirits

If you’re feeling like staying in for the night, you’ve also got options. There are lots of non-alcoholic spirit brands you can buy for at-home mocktails. Here are a few of our favorites:

Final Thoughts

Don’t let Los Angeles’ reputation as a party city discourage you from indulging in a night on the town. There are lots of places you can visit to enjoy a craft drink for Dry January, No Alcohol November, and beyond. Embrace the variety of LA’s bar scene and raise your glass to a night you’ll never forget (for more reasons that one)!

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