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Where to Get an Espresso Martini in Los Angeles

The espresso martini has become one of the hottest drink trends of the past few years. It’s the perfect cocktail for people who regularly reminisce about the chaos of the old Four Loko recipe, or for those who just need an upgrade from a watered down Redbull Vodka.

If you’re looking to recharge your night while keeping up your buzz, these spots around town each offer their own version of the noteworthy caffeine drink. You can order a quality espresso martini in Los Angeles at any of these bar and restaurant destinations.

1. Tower Bar

This West Hollywood hot spot restaurant is known to be frequented by A-listers. But what you can also find at Tower Bar is a solid pick-me-up by way of their espresso martini. It may not be featured on the cocktail menu, but the handcrafted cocktail is worth ordering for their standards of high quality ingredients.

2. Pinky’s

If you’ve never been to Pinky’s in Los Feliz, you can expect a super eye-catching experience. It’s just hidden across from the restaurant Atrium with a chic, 80s vibe. Their espresso martini is called the “Midnight Jolt,” which pretty much says everything you need to know, made with vodka, espresso, nuts, citrus and fennel.

3. Gracias Madre

Known for its menu of plant-based eats, you can also find the iconic cocktail on Gracias Madre’s menu. Theirs is made with mezcal or tequila blanco, espresso, cacao, clove, cardamom and orange. If you’re on the run, you can also pay a little extra to get your cocktail to-go in a specialty take-home cantarito mug.

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4. Bar Flores

Climb the stares up the nostalgic hallway to Bar Flores in Echo Park. This welcoming indoor-outdoor bar is a great place to enjoy an espresso martini in Los Angeles with an inviting neighborhood vibe. Their recipe includes tequila, Lolita Mexican coffee liqueur Fernet-Branca, honey, cafe, and lemon oils.

5. Thunderbolt

This award-winning neighborhood bar sits along the border of Downtown LA and the Eastside. If you’re in need of a craft cocktail with a zing, then order Thunderbolt‘s “Jazz Funeral,” which doesn’t exactly involve espresso. Sip on this concoction of vodka, coffee, chicory, cacao, amontillado, and sorghum served on nitro.

6. The Victorian

If you’re in Santa Monica, you’ll have to stop by brunch and bar spot The Victorian. They’ve got an attractive outdoor patio with inviting seating that’s an ideal Sunday funday spot on the Westside. Gotta give it to them for calling their version the “Vanilla Espresso Martinez”–-top shelf tequila, cold brew, coffee liqueur.

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7. The Dresden

This legendary restaurant in Hollywood isn’t just for steak and pasta–it’s also a solid destination for an espresso martini in Los Angeles. You can sip on The Dresden‘s version of the cocktail made with Copalli Cacao Rum, Mario’s Hard Espresso, cold brew concentrate, and a hint of vanilla and cacao.

8. Bacari W. 3rd

Bacari W. 3rd’s lush, outdoor garden patio is just one of the many reasons to visit this dining destination. (Bottomless mimosas might be another.) The twinkling lights overhead set the mood while you charge up from their signature “Espress Yourself” drink made with vodka, coffee liqueur, condensed milk, espresso and nutmeg.

9. Employees Only

A chic hideaway along Santa Monica Boulevard, Employees Only is a solid destination for date night in West Hollywood. While they don’t officially use espresso, you’ll still get a sophisticated buzz from their tropical “Espresso Moratini”–Mr Black coffee liqueur, Cihuatan indigo rum, cold brew, blackberry, and pineapple.

10. Olivetta

This stunning French dining destination sits along the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and offers the signature cocktail on their restaurant menu. The Olivetta “Boujis Espresso Martini” version of the drink is made with Absolut Elyx vodka, crème de cacao, Espresso Licor 43, and coconut oat cream.

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11. Gran Blanco

Indulge in the California coastal aesthetic of Gran Blanco, situated on the corner of Venice’s iconic Windward Avenue. You’ll be walking distance from the beach as you enjoy their version of the iconic elixir made with Don Fulano Reposado, montenegro, cynar, Mr Black coffee, creme de cacao, and aquafaba.

12. Coucou

While you’re on the Westside, visit Coucou in Venice to try out their espresso martini cocktail for a caffeine pick-me-up. You’ll taste Gnarwhal coffee., Tito’s, and St. George NOLA coffee liqueur to add a punch to your day.

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